05 Jul

The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, the most established and successful breed organization with over 56 years of experience in marketing and promoting the Arabian horse, would now like to announce that a new VISION that has become a REALITY………THE ARABIAN BREEDER FINALS.

This prestigious new show will offer the Arabian horse community the opportunity to showcase the very best the breed has to offer in an unparalleled venue. Scottsdale has established itself as not only one of the finest shopping and dining destinations in the world, but as a World-class Mecca for the Arabian Horse. The Arabian Breeder Finals will present an unprecedented halter/breeding showcase opportunity that will offer prize money and abundant marketing opportunities for breeders and purebred Arabian horse enthusiasts. Plan to be part of the very first Arabian Breeder Finals as The Vision becomes Reality on October 12-15, 2011. The social events, exciting parties, barn tours, and presentations that have defined the aura of Scottsdale for many years will elevate the Arabian Breeder Finals to the full Scottsdale Experience.

We are also unveiling some very exciting breeding programs that will help support the breeding and showing industry for the Arabian Horse. An Arabian Breeder Finals Sweepstakes Program and the Arabian Breeder Finals Futurity Program will accompany this exciting new show.

A list of founding stallions have been selected by ‘The Finals’ committee to kick off the Arabian Breeder Finals Sweepstakes Program. These founding stallions have been nominated into the program at no cost to the stallion owners and have been selected from existing right holders in the Scottsdale Signature Stallion program:

Ames Charisma
Aria Impresario
Baske Afire
Bejing BF
Besson Carol
Bremervale Andronicus
Dakar El Jamaal
Dana Zahar
Etro PA
Ever After NA
Gemini VII
Georgio AF
Hang Time
HF Mister Chips IA Ambassador
IXL Noble Express
Jake Jamaal JCA
JP Obsession
Khaberet PGA
LC Athens
LC Axis
Magnum Chall HVP
Magnum Psyche
Marjestic WA
Marwan Al Magnificoo
ML Mostly Padron
MPA Giovanni
Noble Prize
Odyssey SC
Out of Cyte
Out Till Midnight
Pershahn El Jamaal Psytanium
Psytation EA
Pyro Thyme SA
RHR Marcedes
ROL Intencyty
RSA Troublesome
Selket Marque
Sir Marwan CRF
TF Psymreekhe
Viva Versace

*Stallions subject to change.


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